"I Am Not A World You Can Discover In A Day,
I Am No Place For Cowards."


Voicz Commercial Demo

Equipment used

Studio Projects C1 Condenser Microphone,
XLR Focusrite Scarlett Solo
Studio Microphone Soundproofing Acoustic Foam Panel by GRIFFIN

About Me

I'm a fellow citizen in Clearfield, Utah. I work endlessly with a normal "job" on top of being healthy and doing competitions on the side being at athletic peak performance, and sharpening myself in the gym, mind & body. If I'm not doing that, I'm either eating, sleeping, or doing morning cardio. These are all my passion, but most importantly, doing Voicz Over/Auditioning/Acting is my drive & passion to become my main career!

I look foward to working with you all!

What Do You Offer? What Are Your Rates? What Can You Do?

I can generally do most types of voice over's, and rather adapt quite well to what you request. My delivery when the work is finalized is generally same day, or same week unless it's a special project you'd like me to work on in particular.

I normally start discussing pricing/rates, availabilty and booking once we get into contact. I'm very easy & flexible to work with and discuss further when we do get to collaborate with each other!

Please, you are more than welcome to ask me what I'm capable of, and I will show you want I can do!

Why Choose Me Out
Of All The Others?

Because I LISTEN to what you need,
rather than HEAR what I want. I easily take the time to ask information aboutyour Voicz Over desires to understand your requirements better and fulfill your future projects!


My Booking & Contact Info


Discord: TheVoicz#7777

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